4 Ways a Smarter Electric Grid Benefits You

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Over nan past decade, power companies person spent billions modernizing our electrical grid. This has progressive installing smart technologies, for illustration smart meters and sensors, to optimize nan transportation of powerfulness to your location and making different improvements, specified arsenic adding artillery retention aliases undergrounding powerfulness lines, to boost nan reliability and capacity of nan grid.

These improvements are collectively known arsenic “grid modernization” and are a cardinal portion of creating a smarter and cleaner power future. However, according to a caller survey, astir Americans are unaware of steps that are being taken to create a modern electrical grid, contempt nan immense mostly (87 percent of respondents) believing that it’s important to update our grid.

In this month’s blog, we look astatine 4 ways a smarter grid benefits you:

1. Energy information tin powerfulness hundreds of dollars of savings.

Like different areas of society, location has besides been a information gyration successful nan power manufacture successful caller years. In nan past, earlier smart meters, power companies mostly only sent information to customers successful nan shape of monthly bills that provided basal information, specified arsenic nan full magnitude of power consumed and nan dollar magnitude owed.

But, if you person a smart meter, you person much entree to your power data than ever before. This information tin thief you study much astir really you’re utilizing energy astatine home. By viewing your regular power depletion data, you tin set your regular patterns to prevention money, while staying comfortable. You whitethorn besides beryllium capable to spot which areas of your location are utilizing nan astir power and switch these devices and appliances retired for much for energy-efficient versions.

2. The smart grid is enabling nan take of cleanable power technologies.

As we look to reside ambiance alteration and trim c emissions, nan smart grid is serving arsenic a instauration for integrating cleanable power technologies, specified star panels, artillery retention and upwind turbines, that tin beryllium located connected homes aliases passim nan community. Smart grids are needed to negociate these geographically scattered renewable power sources, and without a smart grid, this cleanable power would not beryllium capable to beryllium distributed erstwhile and wherever it’s needed.

The smart grid is besides helping america hole for nan electric vehicle (EV) revolution. As millions of Americans acquisition EVs successful nan coming years, they will request to complaint these vehicles pinch energy astatine location and successful their communities. This could coming issues pinch an older grid successful request of modernization. However, smart grids are amended capable to grip nan fluctuations successful power request astir your community. The smart grid tin moreover let for power stored successful EV batteries to spell backmost into nan grid erstwhile needed.

3. There are now galore powerfulness pricing options for you to take from.

In nan past, there’s typically been conscionable 1 measurement to salary for nan energy you usage astatine location – a fixed value per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy nary matter erstwhile you usage it aliases really overmuch you usage for nan month. With these plans, nan mostly of your monthly measure is full energy utilized (in kWh) multiplied by a accordant price, specified arsenic 15 cents (roughly nan nationalist average). In summation to this, location are usually immoderate fees and surcharges related to nan powerfulness grid that yet springiness you your full measure amount.

However, pinch nan improvement of nan smart grid, galore consumers now person a scope of options successful really they’re charged for electricity. In general, these new complaint plans activity to amended align depletion of energy pinch cleanable power procreation and summation nan reliability of nan powerfulness grid. From time-of-use to subscription rates, these plans tin amended fresh your household’s power needs and whitethorn beryllium capable to thief you prevention money each month.

4. A smarter electrical grid helps support your powerfulness connected astatine home.

Finally, grid modernization is helping increase nan reliability of nan grid successful respective ways. If you person a smart metre and your powerfulness goes out, your power institution is instantly alerted. Before smart meters, nan only measurement power companies knew that customers were without powerfulness was erstwhile they called. Now, galore customers are uncovering work trucks showing up to reconstruct powerfulness without moreover reporting an outage. 

As utmost upwind events increase, location are different grid modernization efforts underway that thief amended nan reliability of nan grid. These see building retired much high-voltage transmission wires, installing sensors astatine various points of nan grid, burying powerfulness lines successful definite areas and adding artillery retention to nan grid, which tin thief stabilize nan powerfulness supply. These efforts and others are helping nan lights enactment connected and travel backmost connected quicker if an outage does occur.

The world of power is successful nan mediate of monumental change, and nan instauration of this translator is simply a smarter, much modern grid. The smart grid is empowering you pinch caller data-driven programs that are a amended fresh for your habits and location and is enabling nan accelerated deployment of cleanable power technologies that tin trim c emissions. Smart grid technologies are besides importantly reducing nan number and magnitude of outages. These are conscionable a fewer benefits of grid modernization, but arsenic you tin see, nan smart grid is starring america to a smarter, cleaner early for all.

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