Mark Cutifani appointed to Diamond Standard’s board of advisors

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Never a bad time astatine nan Anglo American exec suiteAnglo American CEO Mark Cutifani – Image courtesy of Anglo American

Diamond Standard Co., developer of nan world’s only regulated and marketplace traded earthy gem commodities, announced Tuesday that erstwhile Anglo American main executive Mark Cutifani has joined nan company’s committee of advisors.

Cutifani was CEO of Anglo, 1 of nan world’s largest mining companies, from 2013 to 2022, and president of De Beers, nan starring gem excavation usability and marketer of earthy diamonds.

Currently, he serves arsenic president of Vale Base Metals, which soon aft his assignment raised $3.4 cardinal from nan Public Investment Fund and Ma’aden mining of Saudi Arabia.

Cutifani was formerly CEO of AngloGold Ashanti, a $7 cardinal marketplace headdress mining institution producing gold, metallic and uranium and a personnel of nan World Gold Council during nan improvement of nan SPDR Gold Trust.

The timing of him joining Diamond Standard coincides pinch nan company’s plans to motorboat listed financial products for diamonds, enabling investors to diversify into an under-allocated asset. Diamond Standard has agreed to create futures connected MGEX via CME Globex and options connected MIAX, and antecedently revenge an ETF.

Diamond Standard Fund, nan company’s inaugural money offering, is simply a collaboration pinch Horizon Kinetics, a $6.5 cardinal SEC-registered finance advisor and sponsor of nan Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (NYSE: INFL). A strategical business pinch Oasis Pro Markets will let for this backstage money for accredited investors to database connected an replacement trading system.

Diamond Standard’s commodities are transparent coins and bars containing geologically balanced sets of earthy diamonds, assembled nether supervision of nan Bermuda Monetary Authority and soul audit by Deloitte. Bloomberg and Refinitiv people nan regular marketplace price, and nan commodities waste and acquisition connected nan Diamond Standard Spot Marketplace.

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