The best instant cameras you can buy right now

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Even pinch nan expertise to return fantabulous photos pinch our phones and instantly stock them crossed nan world, there’s thing magical astir nan old-school instant camera. With conscionable a click of a button, you tin seizure a infinitesimal successful a photograph that you tin spot and touch almost immediately. Images captured by an instant camera aren’t arsenic pristine aliases cleanable arsenic those produced by modern integer cameras, but their soft images and imperfections are often a large portion of nan allure.

Yet not each instant cameras are nan same, and immoderate of them are amended suited for different needs and budgets. That’s why we tested immoderate of nan astir celebrated instant cameras connected nan marketplace from brands for illustration Fujifilm, Polaroid, Leica, Canon, and Kodak.

All of nan models featured successful our instant camera buying guideline are enjoyable to use, but each offers a different group of features astatine a different value point. As a result, immoderate are much due for a kid aliases budding photographer, while others are much precocious and supply added imaginative power (for a price). When it comes down to it, though, we see people quality, easiness of use, and affordability to beryllium nan hallmarks of a value shooter. That’s why we picked Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 arsenic nan champion instant camera for astir people, arsenic it ticks each 3 boxes wonderfully.

What I’m looking for

Photo quality

Instant cameras aren’t known for producing high-quality, crisp photos, and astir of them struggle pinch low-light conditions. However, nan photos should astatine slightest beryllium clear and agleam capable that nan taxable is discernible and nan image looks comparatively existent to life.

Ease of usage

How easy is it to group nan instant camera up and return photos pinch it? Ease of usage is simply a large portion of what makes instant cameras nosy and accessible to group of each ages. You shouldn’t request a master photography inheritance conscionable to bask an instant camera. 


Instant cameras travel pinch different features astatine various value points. Generally, nan much feature-rich cameras thin to beryllium pricier, but do nan other capabilities warrant nan added cost? Some cameras, for example, brace pinch a companion app aliases characteristic a built-in selfie mirror, while others see nan expertise to people images from your phone. None of these are essential, though nan added niceties whitethorn beryllium worthy it for immoderate people.


Some instant cameras aren’t arsenic good suited for immoderate situations and / aliases group arsenic others. For example, location are instant cameras that people old-fashioned Polaroid photos that aren’t very clear. They frustrate me, but retro lovers mightiness find them charming. Other cameras travel pinch precocious imaginative modes that fto you edit photos and moreover people smartphone pictures, but a young kid mightiness find them difficult to use.


Each instant camera requires a different benignant of film, which intends that nan sticker value of nan camera isn’t nan existent price. This is thing you should return into relationship earlier making a purchase, arsenic nan costs of movie tin quickly adhd up. Depending connected nan brand, you whitethorn person to salary anyplace betwixt 50 cents and $2 a shot.

It’s besides important to return into relationship that immoderate movie is easier to find. The Instax Mini 12, for example, uses in installments card-size Instax Mini movie that’s sold astatine astir awesome retailers. Other types of film, including nan movie needed for Kodak’s Mini Shot 3 Square Retro, are disposable connected Amazon but aren’t sold by arsenic galore retailers.

Finally, astir instant camera brands waste films of varying value successful a scope of styles. Some are dressed up pinch colorful frames and patterns, while others are achromatic and white. They besides alteration successful style and size, from mini rectangular prints you tin instrumentality successful your wallet to square-shaped ones. You tin besides bargain wider prints, and immoderate brands moreover waste movie pinch an adhesive backing that allows you to usage nan resulting images arsenic stickers.

If you’re looking for much imaginative power aliases features for illustration filters, however, nan Instax Mini Evo is our choice, 1 that boasts awesome image value and allows you to take which photos you’d for illustration to print. Other instant cameras, for illustration nan second-gen Polaroid Now Plus and Kodak’s Mini Retro 3, besides connection a assortment of precocious imaginative modes for those who desire more.

Take a look astatine this database of our instant camera recommendations to find nan champion fresh for you.

The champion instant camera for astir people

A manus holding up nan achromatic Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 against a greenish slide.A manus holding up nan achromatic Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 against a greenish slide.


Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 is nan champion instant camera for astir people. While it lacks much precocious features, nan elemental instant camera takes good-quality shots quickly and easy and offers a built-in selfie mode. It’s sold successful a assortment of nosy colors that’ll particularly entreaty to kids and tweens.

Film type: Fujifilm Instax Mini movie (sold separately) / Film size: 2 x 3-inches / Weight: 306 grams / Charging method: AA batteries / Companion app: None / Other features: Built-in selfie mirror, movie counter

If each you’re looking to do is conscionable click a fastener and get a decent people for a reasonable price, we urge Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12. It’s a basal instant camera that’s akin to our erstwhile pick, nan Instax Mini 11, but pinch immoderate insignificant updates. It still takes little than 5 minutes to commencement shooting, but nan setup process is easier since each you request to do is twist nan lens to either “on” aliases “off.” Such easiness of use, mixed pinch nan camera’s thinner build, makes it peculiarly good suited for those caller to photography and kids.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 photos of animals, nature, art, and drinks.

For an instant camera, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 produces vivid, comparatively true-to-life photos.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

For an instant camera, image value is besides amended than astir of nan different cameras I tested, producing comparatively true-to-life photos. Most of nan cameras I tested struggled to seizure low-light conditions well, and this 1 is nary exception, but nan built-in flash does help. Fujifilm claims nan Mini 12 optimizes image value successful some acheronian and agleam environments amended than its predecessor, but I didn’t announcement overmuch of a difference. The flash — which you can’t disable — is besides still overpowering successful immoderate instances, resulting successful a fewer overexposed images. If anything, nan photos really seemed a small darker and little vivid than before.

However, astatine slightest nan Instax Mini 12 captured my features and tegument colour much accurately erstwhile I utilized nan included selfie characteristic — which is really conscionable a mini reflector mounted connected nan beforehand of nan camera.

A closeup of Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 camera and its lens building surrounded by photos it printed successful nan background.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 features a caller lens building that’s nosy and much intuitive to play with.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

You tin besides now zoom successful a small easier acknowledgment to a caller lens structure, which you tin twist to participate nan Close-Up Mode successful lieu of pressing a button. When successful this mode, you tin return advantage of nan camera’s new “Parallax Correction” feature, which is expected to consequence successful a much aligned photo. The lens was nosy to play pinch and reminded maine of a accepted point-and-shoot, but really utilizing it to return value photos takes immoderate clip to fig out. As pinch nan Mini 11, it’s still somewhat tricky to halfway your taxable successful nan framework utilizing this mode, moreover pinch nan updated lens. Thankfully, it became easier to decently align photos aft a mates of attempts (as good arsenic immoderate creation guidance from nan manual).

The Mini 12 besides offers a number of different niceties. I appreciated nan larger-than-average viewfinder and nan truth that nan camera comes pinch a mini antagonistic that displays nan remaining number of shots, which is simply a characteristic galore of nan different instant cameras I tested lacked. It’s easy to suffer way of really galore photos you’ve taken, particularly erstwhile retired for drinks aliases while sightseeing connected vacation. Yet fixed each people costs astir $1, it’s important to beryllium mindful of really galore shots you’ve sewage left.

All successful all, nan Instax Mini 12 is simply a basal camera that caters to each ages and acquisition levels and gets nan occupation done — and done comparatively well. It doesn’t characteristic Bluetooth aliases brace pinch a companion app that allows you to edit photos (only scan them), and it besides doesn’t connection precocious features for illustration filters, lens options, aliases image modes. But if you’re looking for an instant camera that offers a awesome accepted analog experience, this is it.

A achromatic Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 instant camera surrounded by wallet-sized photos it produced.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 is simply a tiny instant camera that’s awesome for each ages.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

Best premium instant camera

The Instax Mini Evo being held up pinch a manus against a acheronian inheritance pinch cameras that are retired of focus.The Instax Mini Evo being held up pinch a manus against a acheronian inheritance pinch cameras that are retired of focus.


Fujifilm’s stylish Instax Mini Evo is nan champion premium instant camera. With it, you tin take which photos to print, while besides boasting bully image quality.

Film type: Fujifilm Instax Mini movie (sold separately) / Film size: 2 x 3-inches / Weight: 285 grams / Charging method: USB-C (on newer models) / Companion app: Yes / Other features: LCD screen, smartphone printing

One of Fujifilm’s newest instant cameras, nan Instax Mini Evo, is my workfellow Becca Farcase’s favorite — and it’s excavation arsenic well. A hybrid camera that bears a resemblance to Fujifilm’s much costly Fujifilm X100 statement of cameras, it looks bully and boasts vintage dials and buttons truthful stylish that they moreover caught nan attraction of passersby arsenic I walked astir Los Angeles taking photos.

It’s easy to balk astatine its $199 value tag, but this camera offers a level of elasticity that could prevention you money successful nan agelong tally if you usage it a lot. That’s because nan Instax Mini Evo includes a full-color three-inch LCD surface that lets you preview and prime which images you want to print, which tin thief you debar wasting movie connected unwanted shots. The added elasticity gave maine much room for imaginative experimentation, too, arsenic I wasn’t worried astir moving retired of film. I besides loved utilizing nan Instax Mini Evo app to people photos from my smartphone. Plus, dissimilar nan Instax Mini 12, nan Evo now uses a USB-C larboard (though older achromatic models still usage nan Micro USB port) for charging truthful you don’t request to support buying caller batteries.

The Instax Mini Evo resting connected a array sideways pinch nan ample LCD surface and backmost mostly successful view.

The Instax Mini Evo comes pinch a ample LCD surface that doubles arsenic a viewfinder and allows you to take which photos to print.

Image: Becca Farsace / The Verge

Unlike Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12, nan Mini Evo comes pinch a fewer other features that tin thief you seizure amended photos. For example, you tin really move disconnected nan flash connected nan Mini Evo and usage nan three-inch LCD surface arsenic a viewfinder. You tin besides usage nan paper to set really agleam you want nan movie to look erstwhile it’s printed out, which was adjuvant fixed neither nan Evo nor nan Mini 12 are peculiarly awesome astatine capturing acheronian environments.

Additionally, location are dials you tin usage to use various lens options and filters, ranging from retro to monochrome shades, arsenic good arsenic a reflector lens, vignette, soft focus, and more. You tin return app-based distant shots, too, which adds an other constituent of photographic power that tin thief you return amended selfie shots than nan selfie reflector successful nan front.

The Instax Mini Evo resting connected a array surrounded by photos it’s produced.

Being capable to set nan brightness of nan prints helped maine seizure nighttime photos and a low-light immersive grounds a small much intelligibly and realistically, which is simply a characteristic nan Instax Mini 12 doesn’t offer.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

Of course, it’s not a cleanable device, and location are immoderate downsides to see extracurricular nan price. For instance, though you tin adhd immoderate filters and make a fewer edits utilizing Fujifilm’s companion app, it conscionable isn’t arsenic feature-rich arsenic immoderate of nan apps disposable for nan different integer and hybrid instant cameras I tested. The Evo’s extended paper strategy besides wasn’t peculiarly easy to navigate, and it took maine immoderate clip to fig retired really to move nan flash connected and off. Plus, if you trust connected soul retention solely, you tin only return 45 images earlier nan instrumentality is full. Still, each of these are insignificant issues, and I was very happy wide pinch really portable nan stylish camera is, arsenic good arsenic really easy it is to return bully photos quickly.

Three clear photos nan Instax Mini Evo produced extracurricular nether nan sun.

The Instax Mini Evo, for illustration nan Instax Mini 12, shines nan champion erstwhile capturing photos taken successful well-lit environments.

Image: Becca Farsace / The Verge

The champion instant camera for societal occasions

Kodak’s hybrid Mini Shot 3 Retro instant camera comes pinch a nosy companion app you tin usage to adhd frames, stickers, filters, conceal blemishes, and more. As agelong arsenic you don’t mind nan so-so image quality, this is simply a bully integer instant camera for parties.

Film type: Kodak Instant Print 3 x 3-inch cartridge (included) / Film size: 3 x 3-inch quadrate prints / Weight: 467 grams / Charging method: Micro USB / Companion app: Yes / Other features: LCD screen, smartphone printing

Whereas nan Instax Mini Evo’s companion app is much functional, Kodak’s hybrid Mini Shot 3 Retro is each astir fun. The camera’s accompanying mobile app allows you to use frames, stickers, filters, and a plethora of customization options to photos, making nan camera awesome for scrapbooking. There’s moreover a beauty characteristic wrong nan app to conceal blemishes, arsenic good arsenic a group of Snapchat-like filters you tin usage to add, say, canine ears, making this a nosy instant camera to usage arsenic a mini photograph booth of sorts astatine parties.

The yellowish and achromatic Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro being held up sideways pinch a manus and a bush arsenic nan background.

With its feature-rich app, Kodak’s Mini Shot 3 Retro is much modern than retro. It’s besides a ton of fun.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

Like nan Instax Mini Evo, Kodak’s Mini Shot 3 Retro comes pinch an LCD surface (albeit a overmuch smaller one) you tin usage to determine whether aliases not you want to people a shot. It besides supports Bluetooth, and you tin usage nan Kodak Photo Printer app to upload photos to societal media aliases people decent, comparatively crisp photos from your smartphone. Unlike nan Mini Evo, however, Kodak’s Mini Shot 3 Retro retails for astir $150 and includes a battalion of a movie (it’s besides often connected waste for a batch less). It besides uses cheaper film; you tin presently prime up a 60-sheet cartridge for astir $17.99, which equates to astir $0.33 a shot. The truth that nan movie is cheaper arguably encourages play and imaginative experimentation, moreover if nan ample 3 x 3-inch quadrate prints consciousness little successful value and much flimsy than some Fujifilm’s and Polaroid’s.

Two photos produced by nan Kodak Mini Shot 3 that are comparatively true-to-life but excessively oversaturated pinch a pinkish tint.

Photos taken pinch nan Kodak Mini Shot 3 aren’t peculiarly crisp and tin person an excessive pinkish tint.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

However, location are notable drawbacks to nan Kodak Mini Shot 3. My biggest rumor is that nan resulting prints of photos taken pinch nan camera aren’t astir arsenic crisp aliases clear arsenic those taken pinch a smartphone. Photo value wasn’t consistently arsenic bully arsenic nan Mini Evo’s aliases Mini 12’s nor, for nan astir part, arsenic clear and sharp. The photos besides sometimes had an excessive pinkish tint that tin interfere pinch quality. It doesn’t shop images nan measurement nan Mini Evo does, either, which intends you can’t determine whether you’d for illustration to people them later. It’s besides noticeably heavier than nan Mini Evo and, frankly, obscurity adjacent arsenic stylish.

Nonetheless, if you don’t mind compromising connected photograph value and want a comparatively affordable hybrid camera that comes pinch a bunch of nosy app features, nan Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro is simply a bully choice.

The champion instant camera for retro fans


The second-gen Polaroid Now Plus is simply a awesome instant camera for retro fans that prints vintage-style photos and offers modern conveniences for illustration USB-C. It besides features a assortment of imaginative modes, making it a coagulated prime for creator photography arsenic well.

Film type: Polaroid i-Type Color Film (sold separately) / Film size: 4.2 x 3.5-inch prints / Weight: 451.5 grams / Charging method: USB-C / Companion app: Yes / Other features: Lens select kit, movie counter

If you’re looking for an instant camera that offers nan astir old-fashioned, instant-film experience, nan second-gen Polaroid Now Plus is nan camera for you. Compared to nan different instant cameras connected this list, it astir intimately resembles vintage instant cameras for illustration nan Polaroid 600 pinch its classic, retro-inspired design. Meanwhile, its quadrate I-Type movie prints and iconic Polaroid-style framework springiness photos a much authentically vintage look. 

A manus holding a bluish lens nan Polaroid Now Plus comes pinch outside.

The Polaroid Now Plus comes pinch a group of colour lenses you tin threat onto nan camera.

Image: Sheena Vasani / The Verge

Yet, astatine nan aforesaid time, nan second-gen Polaroid Now Plus besides comes pinch nan convenience and usefulness of much modern features, including support for USB-C charging. It besides offers Bluetooth support and a companion app boasting respective imaginative modes that let for greater photographic control. These see a distant shutter, a self-timer, and a “Polaroid Lab” wherever you tin set nan vulnerability and various colour settings. The app besides features a fistful of shooting modes — including a manual action and 1 for capturing aggregate exposures — while nan camera includes a group of 5 colored lenses you tin threat onto nan front. These were enjoyable to play pinch and allowed for much creator expression.

The backmost of nan greenish second-gen Polaroid Now Plus resting connected a array pinch its viewfinder.

The latest Polaroid Now Plus is excessively large and awkwardly sized to easy fresh into a bag, but I did for illustration that it has a mini antagonistic connected nan backmost underneath nan powerfulness button.

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

If there’s 1 point nan Polaroid Now Plus isn’t known for, it’s portability. Given really heavy, large, and awkwardly sized it is, it’s not nan benignant of instant camera you tin easy gaffe into your purse aliases transportation around. Plus, it takes up to 15 minutes for prints to develop, and you person to make judge it’s not exposed to ray while developing. That’s rather an inconvenience if you’re retired pinch friends, say, astatine nan formation connected a sunny day.

Six photos produced by nan second-gen Polaroid Now Plus.

The photos I took pinch nan second-gen Polaroid Now Plus weren’t that existent to life, but they did springiness disconnected an old-school vibe that I recovered charming.

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

If you’re looking for an instant camera that tin easy people a good, clear photograph without overmuch effort connected your part, this is not nan camera for you. Of each nan cameras connected this list, nan latest Polaroid Now Plus struggles pinch low-light environments nan most. I could hardly spot images I took indoors, and I was only capable to get nan clearest shots erstwhile nan ray was straight down maine during nan time — much specifically, successful nan morning. Even these images weren’t arsenic clear successful comparison to Instax film, and some opposition and colour saturation levels thin to beryllium rather low.

Admittedly, this gave my pictures much of a dreamy vintage look that felt artistic, and you tin usage nan Polaroid Lab to somewhat set saturation and vulnerability settings. However, doing truthful is time-consuming. Given each these issues, I recovered it was easy to quickly discarded film, which proved expensive. After all, you only get 8 I-Type sheets for $16.99, and that’s successful summation to forking retired $149.99 for nan camera.

Truth beryllium told, however, you could reason that galore of these shortcomings are emblematic of a retro Polaroid-inspired instant camera and, thus, portion of nan experience. If that’s what you’re looking for, and you don’t mind nan price, nan second-gen Polaroid Now Plus is nan cleanable camera for you.

A closeup of a greenish second-gen Polaroid Now Plus held up against a brownish background.

The second-gen Polaroid Now Plus is simply a bully operation of old-school and modern but was measurement excessively large for maine to comfortably clasp pinch conscionable 1 hand.

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

The champion instant camera for portability


The Polaroid Go is nan smallest, astir affordable action successful Polaroid’s instant camera lineup. It doesn’t connection arsenic overmuch imaginative power arsenic nan Now Plus, but it’s much portable and produces charming retro-style photos astatine half nan price.

Film type: Polaroid i-Type Color Film (sold separately) / Film size: 2.6 x 2.1-inch prints / Weight: 239 grams / Charging method: USB-C / Companion app: No / Other features: Self-timer, selfie mirror, movie counter

Whereas nan Polaroid Now Plus is huge, nan second-gen Polaroid Go is tiny. It easy fits into nan thenar of my manus — which is saying a lot, fixed I’m petite and a small complete 5 feet gangly — making it easy nan astir portable instant camera connected our list. It besides produces nan smallest prints of each nan instant cameras I tested, which could beryllium bully if you’re trying to prevention immoderate abstraction and want thing moreover much compact than Instax Mini prints.

Weighing conscionable complete a pound, nan latest Polaroid Go is besides nan lightest instant camera I’ve ever held, and you tin easy usage it pinch 1 hand. That’s really beautiful convenient, fixed I sometimes struggled to return pictures pinch nan heavier Polaroid Now Plus and, to a lesser extent, immoderate of nan different instant cameras I tested. In fact, if nan images produced looked much true-to-life and didn’t require you to hide them from ray for astir 15 minutes while developing, I’d beryllium tempted to telephone this nan champion instant camera for recreation aliases mini children.

The latest Polaroid Go comes pinch USB-C support, arsenic opposed to Micro USB.

The latest Polaroid Go comes pinch USB-C support, arsenic opposed to Micro USB.

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

At $79.99, nan latest Polaroid Go is nan astir affordable Polaroid camera connected nan market,  pinch movie that costs conscionable a small much than Fujifilm’s Instax Mini shots (or about $19.99 for a 16-sheet pack). It besides sports a mini number of upgrades complete nan last-gen exemplary contempt retailing for $20 less. The astir important is USB-C support, which allows for faster charging and prevents you from having to walk money connected AA batteries.

Polaroid besides claims nan camera produces clearer stills than its predecessor, but truthfully, I didn’t spot a important quality from 1 procreation to nan next. The photos are a small brighter, but if anything, nan original Polaroid Go — for illustration nan Now Plus — produced warmer pictures that I preferred and thought were truer to life. Still, nan photos are charming successful nan measurement only a Polaroid photograph tin be. Contrast and colour saturation levels are still debased but successful a measurement that exudes nan vintage, almost dreamy look of nan photos taken pinch nan Now Plus.

The second-gen Polaroid Go produces charming photos but pinch a cooler tone.

The second-gen Polaroid Go produces charming photos but pinch a cooler tone.

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

Unlike nan Now Plus, however, nan Go lacks imaginative modes and much precocious features, though it does connection a adjuvant self-timer and a larger selfie mirror. There’s besides nary Bluetooth support and, thus, nary fancy app that will let you to adhd other effects. Instead, it’s conscionable a elemental point-and-shoot camera, conscionable for illustration nan Instax Mini 12, which makes it a small easier to use. In addition, arsenic mentioned, nan prints are moreover smaller than nan Instax Mini, which could beryllium a drawback for those who for illustration larger, much accepted Polaroid photos. While it produces akin vintage-style shots, design-wise, it doesn’t look thing for illustration old-school Polaroid cameras, which could besides return distant from nan retro acquisition immoderate desire.

The Polaroid Go is easy to clasp pinch 1 hand.

The Polaroid Go is easy to clasp pinch 1 hand.

Photo by Sheena Vasani / The Verge

That said, nary of nan older Polaroid cameras came pinch an app either. All successful all, nan Go’s simplicity makes it a suitable campaigner for those seeking an easy-to-use camera that provides a much accepted instant movie acquisition — 1 they tin return advantage of conscionable astir anyplace for half nan value of nan Polaroid Now Plus.

A fewer much bully instant cameras (and 1 to avoid)

From photograph value to nan lever you propulsion to people photos, Leica’s Sofort 2 is simply a terrific camera that’s remarkably akin to nan Instax Mini Evo. In each of my tests, nan photos I took pinch some looked identical. The 2 cameras besides people smartphone photos via Instax Mini movie and connection 10 movie and lens effects, on pinch a macro mode for those who want much imaginative control. The Sofort 2’s minimalistic look is stylish, too, moreover if it’s not arsenic charming arsenic nan retro-inspired Evo.

The drawback to nan Sofort 2 is that it’s doubly nan value of nan Evo. It’s difficult to urge astatine $389 since astir group would apt see nan differences betwixt nan 2 cameras comparatively minor. The personification interface is easier to navigate connected nan Leica, though, and I admit nan included lens headdress and extended two-year warranty. I besides for illustration that it lets you people photos taken pinch different Leica cameras via nan companion app — a bully perk for Leica fans. Nonetheless, I don’t deliberation those perks are capable to warrant spending astir $200 more.

While it didn’t make nan cut, nan Instax Square SQ1 is besides worthy a little mention. Like nan Mini 12, nan Instax Square SQ1 produces good-quality shots, is easy to group up and use, and comes pinch a built-in selfie mirror. The logic we didn’t see it above, however, is that it costs astir doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic nan Mini 12 astatine $119.95, though we do sometimes spot it connected waste for $100.

That said, it mightiness beryllium worthy a look if you for illustration ample 2.4 x 2.4-inch quadrate prints and comparatively true-to-life photos complete vintage-looking stills. After all, nan SQ1 is still cheaper than nan Polaroid Now Plus and produces higher-quality images than nan Kodak Mini Shot 3 Square Retro, which besides prints likewise sized quadrate shots.

Fujifilm besides sells nan newer Instax Square SQ40. It’s akin to nan Instax Square SQ1 but pinch a vintage look that’s much visually striking, yet it’s besides much costly astatine $149.95. Given it produces likewise good-quality photos and is not apt to spell connected waste anytime soon, I’d urge nan Instax Square SQ1 aliases nan much tin Instax Mini Evo for $50 more.

Avoid nan Kodak Printomatic

We besides tested a fewer instant cameras that we would counsel group to steer clear of. The Kodak Printomatic is main among those, and we specifically mention it because it’s often one of nan bestselling instant cameras connected Amazon. We fishy that’s because it’s routinely on waste for $49.99 ($30 off) pinch a battalion of movie — specifically, a 10-pack of Zink photograph prints pinch adhesive backings truthful you tin usage nan images arsenic stickers. However, if you’re simply looking for a budget-friendly instant camera, it’s not worthy purchasing complete Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12.

As is communal pinch Zink photos, nan Printomatic’s resulting photograph value isn’t clear and tends to beryllium oversaturated. In fact, galore photos were truthful bad that I hardly recognized nan taxable successful nan frame. The camera is besides slow to people and wasn’t ever responsive erstwhile I pressed nan shutter button, which meant I occasionally had to property it a fewer times to return a shot. All successful all, it was a frustrating camera to usage that’s not worthy nan $30 you whitethorn prevention by picking it complete Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12. Besides, you’ll astir apt beryllium utilizing nan money saved to bargain other movie fixed really galore prints you’ll waste.

Update April 12th, 11:53AM ET: Added nan second-gen Polaroid Go arsenic nan champion instant camera successful position of portability.

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