Adobe brings Lightroom and Firefly AI to the Apple Vision Pro

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Mining and Energy news - Adobe’s Firefly AI, nan text-to-image instrumentality down features for illustration Photoshop’s generative fill, will beryllium disposable connected nan Apple Vision Pro arsenic a autochthonal app, alongside nan company’s celebrated Lightroom photograph editing package already demonstrated during nan headset’s announcement.

The imaginative package elephantine announced successful a property merchandise that nan caller Firefly acquisition had been “purpose-built” for nan headset’s visionOS system, allowing users to move and spot images generated by nan app onto real-world spaces for illustration walls and desks.

The interface of nan Firefly visionOS app should beryllium acquainted to anyone who’s already utilized nan web-based type of nan tool — users conscionable request to participate a matter explanation wrong nan punctual container astatine nan bottommost and deed “generate.” This will past spit retired 4 different images that tin beryllium dragged retired of nan main app model and placed astir nan location for illustration virtual posters aliases prints.

A screenshot taken of nan Adobe Firefly text-to-image AI instrumentality for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, showing an illustration of an absurd structure.

Like nan web-based version, nan visionOS Firefly app provides immoderate constricted editing devices and filters that tin beryllium utilized to set generated images.

Image: Adobe

The Firefly AI model down nan caller visionOS app is designed to beryllium commercially safe and applies a content credential “nutrition label” to images that embeds metadata to transparently people them arsenic AI-generated. Adobe besides teased an upcoming expertise to make “wrap-around panoramas, 360-degree environments and more” for nan visionOS Firefly experience, without providing specifics.

Meanwhile, we besides now person a amended look astatine nan autochthonal Adobe Lightroom photograph editing app that was mentioned backmost erstwhile nan Apple Vision Pro was announced past June. The visionOS Lightroom acquisition is akin to that of nan iPad version, pinch a cleaner, simplified interface that should beryllium easier to navigate pinch manus gestures than nan much feature-laden desktop software.

A screengrab taken of Adobe Lightroom moving connected nan Apple Vision Pro.

Is this amended than editing photos successful Lightroom for desktop aliases iPad? Probably not, but it surely looks much fun.

Image: Adobe

There’s nary shortage of creative VR applications available connected different platforms. Google’s Tilt Brush was enabling folks to overgarment successful virtual reality environments backmost successful 2016, for example, erstwhile it was released for nan HTC Vive. But Apple conscionable launched nan astir eager VR headset yet. Its humanities attraction connected creatives coupled pinch Adobe’s beardown clasp of Apple Silicon could make nan Vision Pro’s eye-watering $3,500 value tag worthy nan finance for immoderate creatives.

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