Halo’s Black History Month armor shaders are unintentionally hilarious

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Black History Month is that typical clip erstwhile video crippled companies effort to show consumers really inclusive they are pinch typical Black / African themed in-game cosmetics and messages of appreciation for nan 3 aliases 4 Black labor they support connected unit astatine immoderate 1 time.

In Halo’s case, it’s offering players a typical group of armor shaders successful colors and patterns typically associated pinch African creation and culture. As a concept, these shaders are wholly fine. Individual cosmetics players tin usage to zhuzh up their armor; cool, I excavation it. But nan measurement 343 slapped each these individual pieces together, for illustration a ridiculous Voltron of Blackness, is darkly hilarious successful a measurement I don’t deliberation nan institution intended.

343 Industries wants you to cognize it’s Black y’all, and it’s Black y’all, and it’s Blackety Black, and it’s Black y’all. The shaders characteristic bold green, gold, and maroon colors — which are staples successful a batch of African state flags — arranged successful patterns reminiscent of kente cloth, a accepted African textile autochthonal to West Africa. In short, these armor shaders are Black AF.

Most of nan time, video crippled companies’ attempts to entreaty to their Black consumers scope from useless to benign. Other times, for illustration what 343 has done here, I’m left... let’s opportunity bewildered.

Campaigns for illustration this are each good and bully but are functionally meaningless if nan group down them do not see nan group these campaigns are expected to reach. Looking astatine nan Game Developers Conference’s 2024 manufacture survey, only 3 percent of nan astir 3,000 surveyed identified arsenic Black.

Table from GDC’s 2024 State of nan Industry Survey featuring a breakdown of nan 3,000 respondents by title and ethnicity.

Graph: Game Developer’s Conference

Even worse, of nan mostly of those surveyed pinch 20 aliases much years of acquisition successful nan manufacture — nan benignant of group pinch nan seniority to o.k. trading materials for illustration this — only 6 percent were Black men and nary were Black women.

Microsoft doesn’t break down its diversity, equity, and inclusion report by sector, truthful I don’t cognize really galore of its Black labor activity astatine Xbox aliases immoderate of its crippled studios. I don’t cognize if 343 consulted its Black labor connected this circumstantial portion of marketing, astir apt yes, particularly since Pierre Hintze — the first Black workplace caput successful Halo franchise history — is Black himself.

But looking astatine this pains me. It reminds maine of that section successful The Boys play 3 erstwhile A-Train, nan only Black personnel of The Seven — nan show’s return connected The Avengers — sewage a caller African-themed ace suit successful bid to tribunal nan support of Black group thereby expanding his ain fame and his handlers’ bottommost line.

Corporate needs you to find nan quality betwixt these 2 pictures.

Image: Amazon and Image: 343 Industries

Unlike successful The Boys, there’s nary malice successful what 343 has done here. I wonderment if, taken separately, nan shaders were deemed appropriate, and personification successful nan creation section slapped them each together to show them each disconnected astatine once, resulting successful what we spot here. Or possibly nan Black group who perchance did o.k. of this look each thought it was fine. That happens occasionally: Black group will make creation for different Black group that misses nan people — conscionable look astatine the reviews for The American Society of Magical Negroes. Hell, this could each beryllium an elaborate joke — a Halo-ified type of a celebrated meme format connected Black Twitter wherever we put a kufi connected everyone from The Vision to Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Regardless of nan hows aliases nan whys, I surely laughed.

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