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Editor’s note: Apple was precocious banned from trading nan Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 owed to a patent dispute pinch aesculapian instrumentality shaper Masimo. A national appeals tribunal precocious stayed nan resulting import ban, however, forcing Apple to statesman selling some models without humor oxygen measuring features. Read much astir nan prohibition here.

In September, Apple launched its latest batch of smartwatches, introducing nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 ($799) alongside nan caller Apple Watch Series 9 ($399). Each wearable has its ain pros and cons, arsenic does nan second-gen Apple Watch SE ($249), but nan preamble of nan caller wearables besides intends location are now much Apple Watch models connected nan marketplace than ever earlier — and a batch much deals to beryllium had.

But pinch each of those options, which 1 should you pick? Generally speaking, you want to bargain nan newest watch you tin spend truthful that it continues to person package updates from Apple. The latest update, watchOS 10, launched successful September connected nan Apple Watch Series 4 and newer, though nary 1 tin opportunity pinch certainty whether nan Series 4 will get nan adjacent large package update aliases whether it will beryllium exclusive to newer watches.

Picking up a watch from nan latest (or a recent) procreation ensures you’re getting a smartwatch pinch an updated design, a robust number of features, and plentifulness of sensors. Now, let’s get into nan deals.

The champion Apple Watch Series 9 deals

Apple Watch Series 9 pinch Siri pulled upApple Watch Series 9 pinch Siri pulled up

The Apple Watch Series 9 features a brand-new S9 processor that enables offline Siri use, brighter displays, and nan double pat gesture. It besides has nan second-gen ultra wideband spot for Precision Finding if you person an iPhone 15.

Pink Series 9 connected a reflective pinkish surface.Pink Series 9 connected a reflective pinkish surface.

The Apple Watch Series 9 represents a flimsy upgrade complete past year’s Apple Watch Series 8. It uses Apple’s caller S9 SiP processor and second-gen ultra wideband chip, though location aren’t galore important differences beyond that.

The Apple Watch Series 9 represents nan latest wearable successful Apple’s flagship Series lineup. It introduces a somewhat faster S9 SiP spot and a second-gen ultra wideband chip, which let for onboard Siri processing and precision uncovering pinch your iPhone. It besides offers a brighter, 2,000-nit show and useful pinch Apple’s caller “double tap,” a characteristic that lets you pat your thumb and scale digit together to transportation retired various actions. While nan improvements are welcome, nan Series 9 isn’t a immense departure from nan anterior model, nan Series 8.

The Apple Watch Series 9 has only been retired a fewer months, but nan GPS-equipped exemplary is presently connected waste astatine Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy successful nan 41mm sizing starting astatine $329 ($70 off) aliases successful nan larger 45mm configuration astatine Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy for arsenic debased arsenic $349 ($80 off). As for nan LTE exemplary pinch cellular connectivity, it’s presently disposable astatine Walmart successful nan 41mm configuration starting astatine $399.99 ($100 off) — an all-time debased — aliases astatine Amazon and Best Buy starting astatine $429 ($70 off). You tin besides prime it up successful nan 45mm sizing astatine Walmart starting astatine $429.99 ($99 off), aliases astatine Amazon and Best Buy for $459 ($70 off).

The champion Apple Watch SE deals

Man successful yellowish overgarment models Apple Watch SE (2022)Man successful yellowish overgarment models Apple Watch SE (2022)

The latest SE borrows a fewer features from nan Series 8, including nan aforesaid chipset and Crash Detection feature, but it’s an different subtle upgrade from nan last-gen SE.

Woman looking astatine nan app grid connected nan Apple Watch SE (2022).Woman looking astatine nan app grid connected nan Apple Watch SE (2022).

Apple’s entry-level wearable represents a insignificant upgrade erstwhile compared to nan anterior SE, though it does present a faster chipset and make usage of galore watchOS 10 features.

The Apple Watch SE received a refresh successful precocious 2022. It has nan aforesaid chipset arsenic nan Series 8, which is great, but pinch less sensors, nary always-on display, and a somewhat outdated creation compared to nan Series 8 and Series 9. Those omissions mightiness return this retired of nan moving for immoderate people, but it still whitethorn beryllium precisely what you’re after. Best of all, it starts astatine $249 for nan 40mm Wi-Fi / GPS model, which is $30 little than nan erstwhile generation’s baseline cost. Opting for cellular connectivity bumps up nan starting value to $299 for nan 40mm size (44mm adds $20 to each configuration).

At nan moment, nan champion woody connected nan latest Apple Watch SE tin beryllium recovered astatine Walmart, wherever you tin prime nan 40mm exemplary pinch GPS for $179 ($70 off). If that woody sells out, however, it’s besides connected waste for $189 ($60 off) at Amazon and for $199 ($50 off) at Best Buy. The 44mm sizing, meanwhile, is disposable starting astatine $209 ($70 off) astatine Walmart, aliases for $219 ($60 off) astatine Amazon.

If you want nan LTE configuration, nan 40mm configuration is disposable astatine Walmart for $229 ($70 off) aliases astatine Amazon and Best Buy for arsenic debased arsenic $239 ($60 off). The larger 44mm size is besides disposable for $259 ($70 off) astatine Walmart, aliases for $279 ($50 off) astatine Amazon and Best Buy.

The champion Apple Watch Ultra 2 deals

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 connected grass.The Apple Watch Ultra 2 connected grass.

The rugged Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes successful 1 size: 49mm. It offers nan brightest show of immoderate wearable successful Apple’s lineup, on pinch amended artillery life and improved performance. It sports Apple’s caller S9 SiP, too, allowing you to return advantage of Apple’s caller double pat feature.

Apple’s latest Apple Watch Ultra launched astatine $799 successful September pinch GPS and LTE support, overmuch for illustration nan original model. The ultra-capable smartwatch has nan astir features, sensors, and ruggedness of immoderate Apple Watch exemplary disposable frankincense far, on pinch a show that’s 50 percent brighter than nan first Ultra. The 49mm smartwatch besides packs Apple’s caller S9 SiP and second-gen ultra wideband chips, conscionable for illustration nan Apple Watch Series 9, while maintaining long-lasting artillery life, precise GPS tracking, and a bevy of diving-friendly sensors.

We precocious saw nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 dip to $739 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Right now, however, it’s on waste for moreover little astatine Amazon, wherever you tin drawback it successful action configurations pinch an Alpine Loop strap starting astatine $737.99 ($61 off). It’s besides disposable astatine different retailers, including Best Buy and Target, but only for its afloat unit price.

A statement connected nan much premium models

While each of nan Apple Watch models and colorways covered present are encased successful aluminum (except nan Ultra 2, which has a titanium build), Apple does make a much premium scope built retired of stainless alloy and titanium. These offerings are functionally and aesthetically akin to their aluminum counterparts, pinch somewhat refined colors and finishings — polished for nan stainless alloy and brushed for nan titanium. However, they commencement astatine overmuch steeper prices of $749 and above. They, too, tin often beryllium recovered connected sale, but they’re ne'er discounted arsenic debased arsenic nan modular guidelines models, truthful we don’t see them here.

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