Inside the quest to finish Super Mario Maker’s disappearing levels

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In 2015, Nintendo released Super Mario Maker for nan Wii U, a crippled that allowed players to make and stock their ain 2D Mario levels. In 2021, nan institution ended nan expertise to upload courses, nan crippled having been eclipsed by its sequel connected nan Switch. But successful January 2024, Nintendo announced an extremity to each online services for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games connected April 8th. For Super Mario Maker, that meant nan millions of player-made levels would beryllium unceremoniously shuttered.

Or astatine least, it would person been unceremonious, if it weren’t for a group called Team 0%. The group had been trying to hit each uncleared level successful nan crippled for years, which was made easier erstwhile they had a fixed target successful 2021. When nan announcement came that nan Wii U’s online services were being unopen down, location were astir 26,000 levels made by manus successful Super Mario Maker that hadn’t ever been beaten. The squad mobilized to effort to make that zero wrong nan 4 months that they had.

“I conscionable wish I had much clip pinch nan game”

“I was beautiful disappointed erstwhile nan announcement hit,” says group personnel LouMarru. “Several group felt it was connected nan horizon, I conscionable wish I had much clip pinch nan game.” That consciousness of disappointment — but not daze — is shared among each nan members of Team 0% that I said to. “It seems that each online communities person nan aforesaid life cycle,” says The0dark0one, who made nan first database of uncompleted levels backmost successful 2017.

A screenshot from nan video crippled Super Mario Maker.

Image: Nintendo

The shuttering of company-hosted servers is 1 measurement games are perpetually being erased. A ample chunk of Super Mario Maker is officially unplayable 9 years aft its release. Go backmost much than 15 years, and only 13 percent of games are accessible extracurricular of an archive, piracy, aliases getting your hands connected bequest equipment.

“Super Mario Maker is my favourite crippled and I person truthful galore memories of playing [it], truthful to deliberation astir each of these levels being deleted for bully is beautiful sad,” says Black60Dragon, 1 of Team 0%’s founding members. “A batch of people, myself included, person been trying to make arsenic galore alternate accounts connected their Wii Us arsenic imaginable to download their favourite levels earlier they’re gone for good.”

But pinch a deadline, location was 1 much point to do. “My guidance [to nan announcement of nan shutdown] was conscionable to put retired nan telephone for thief for 0%,” says group personnel Louis_XIX. And plentifulness of group responded. “It brought backmost hoards of people,” says LouMarru. The mostly of these players weren’t skilled capable to hit nan astir aggravated levels, but they provided nan numbers basal to get done nan bulk of nan easier ones. And it besides motivated nan highest-level players, immoderate of whom had drifted away, for illustration Jeffie, who made nan Team 0% Discord server backmost successful 2017. “I decided to travel backmost for 1 last grind,” he says.

“This felt for illustration nan champion imaginable measurement to nonstop disconnected a crippled that has meant truthful overmuch to truthful galore of us,” says Black60Dragon. “I cognize what it was for illustration to walk a batch of effort successful making a level I really liked, only for cipher to play it. So making judge each azygous level gets astatine slightest 1 clear is simply a very satisfying point to do.”

“I decided to travel backmost for 1 last grind.”

That travel was something of a rollercoaster. The remaining levels were examples of “Kaizo Mario,” a creation accuracy that tin beryllium astir summarized arsenic “very, very difficult.” On screens cluttered pinch decease traps, players must move, jump, and interact pinch utmost precision — often utilizing consecutive frame-perfect tricks aliases inputs that must beryllium done wrong nan correct fraction of a second. But by mid-March, location were only 2 levels remaining: “The Last Dance” and “Trimming nan Herbs.”

When “The Last Dance” was beaten connected March 15th, for a while, Team 0% and nan watching world thought that they had their last boss, “Trimming nan Herbs,” which required 18 cleanable jumps successful a row. Super Mario Maker users had to person beaten their ain levels to upload them, meaning it should person been humanly possible. But connected March 26th, nan creator of nan level admitted that it had been made utilizing illegitimate assistance. “Trimming nan Herbs” was nary longer a portion of nan list. Super Mario Maker had been 100 percent completed. (On April 6th, 2 days earlier nan servers went down, a subordinate called sanyx91smm2 went up and hit it anyway.)

A screenshot from nan Wii U crippled Super Mario Maker.

Image: Nintendo

Completing Super Mario Maker astir apt would person happened sloppy of whether nan servers unopen down aliases not. “The simplest logic is simply a completionist urge,” says Louis_XIX. But successful nan melodramatic communicative of nan roadworthy to completion, it’s clear that nan announcement of nan servers’ closure had a somewhat paradoxical effect. Although disappointed that it was happening, nan group was massively galvanized to execute their extremity earlier it was nary longer officially possible.

“To opportunity that it would person been little breathtaking [if nan servers had ne'er unopen down] is an understatement,” says Black60Dragon. “We astir apt would person still done it, eventually, but it was conscionable a mini group of group chipping distant astatine nan upland of levels. […] With nan announcement of nan deadline, it lit a occurrence nether everybody to make it happen.” 

“It lit a occurrence nether everybody to make it happen”

Team 0% is now focusing connected pulling disconnected nan aforesaid extremity for Super Mario Maker 2, nan still-active Switch successor. For now, it’s a nosy measurement to support up nan momentum generated by nan SSM1 shutdown — they’ve truthful acold completed each level made successful 2019 and are making advancement connected nan courses from 2020. 

But eventually, it’s apt to go nan aforesaid benignant of timed challenge. The online servers will only past arsenic agelong arsenic Nintendo leaves them open, and each of nan levels successful Super Mario Maker 2 will 1 time officially vanish arsenic well. The members of Team 0% cognize this well. “To me, nan shutdown announcement was inevitable, and only a matter of time,” says Louis_XIX. “I’m conscionable gladsome we were capable to decorativeness everything.”

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