Microsoft to share details on bringing Xbox games to PlayStation next week

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Microsoft is readying to stock specifications astir its plans to bring Hi-Fi Rush and different Xbox exclusives to PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles, according to sources acquainted pinch Microsoft’s plans. Details of Microsoft’s multi-platform plans person been gradually leaking, pinch The Verge revealing complete nan weekend that nan upcoming Indiana Jones crippled is being considered for PS5. Now, Microsoft is getting fresh to outline nan early of Xbox adjacent week aft a play of leaks and uncertainty for Xbox fans.

“We’re listening and we perceive you,” says Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer successful a station connected X. “We’ve been readying a business update arena for adjacent week, wherever we look guardant to sharing much specifications pinch you astir our imagination for nan early of Xbox. Stay tuned.”

We’re told Microsoft was primitively readying this business update for later this month, alongside an announcement of Hi-Fi Rush for PS5 and Nintendo Switch. After speculation astir Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, and different Xbox games coming to PS5 intensified complete nan weekend, Microsoft has responded pinch an announcement of a “business update event” for adjacent week.

Datamined crippled assets hinted astatine a merchandise of Hi-Fi Rush for PS5 and Nintendo Switch past week, pursuing rumors of Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves making their measurement to non-Xbox platforms.

Now, Microsoft will person to reside nan rumors head-on and explicate its caller Xbox strategy and what nan early holds for its gaming efforts aft nan monolithic $68.7 cardinal acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

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