Samsung Care Plus adds unlimited battery repair — for a price

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Samsung is raising nan value of its Care Plus instrumentality protection plans — but, successful exchange, it’s throwing successful unlimited artillery repair. In an email spotted by Sammobile, Samsung tells customers that Care Plus and nan much costly Care Plus Theft and Loss scheme will summation successful value by $2.

The caller pricing goes into effect connected May 1st, 2024, which is erstwhile Samsung plans connected rolling retired a caller unlimited artillery repair action for “eligible devices.” To suffice for a artillery repair, Samsung says nan telephone must person a charging capacity beneath 79 percent and nary “additional damage.” The Verge reached retired to Samsung for much accusation connected which devices are eligible for unlimited artillery repairs, arsenic good arsenic whether it will beryllium wholly free, but didn’t instantly perceive back.

AppleCare Plus likewise includes repairs for batteries pinch little than 80 percent of their original capacity, while Asurion, a third-party instrumentality security company, offers plans pinch unlimited artillery replacement. Google’s Preferred Care program, connected nan different hand, doesn’t spell out its artillery repair argumentation but says it includes mechanical aliases electrical breakdowns and accidental damage.

Depending connected which tier your telephone falls under, nan Care Plus update intends you’ll person to salary anyplace from $5 to $13 per period for Samsung Care Plus aliases $10 to $10 for Samsung Care Plus Theft and Loss. Both Care Plus plans connection free repairs for mechanical breakdowns, arsenic good arsenic cheaper surface replacements and fixes for accidental damage. The main quality is that nan Samsung Care Plus Theft and Loss Plan adds replacements for mislaid aliases stolen devices.

If you haven’t yet received an email astir nan value change, you tin publication it beneath (or connected Reddit):

Dear X

We are penning to fto you cognize astir upcoming changes to your Samsung instrumentality protection program. Samsung’s records bespeak that you are presently enrolled successful Samsung Care+ pinch Theft and Loss aliases Samsung Care+. In May 2024, Samsung will see Unlimited Battery Repair for eligible devices*, that grounds a charging capacity beneath 79% arsenic indicated by a diagnostic test, arsenic a caller characteristic to nan Samsung Care+ pinch Theft and Loss and Samsung Care+ instrumentality protection products. Customers will beryllium eligible for Unlimited Battery Repairs without further harm to nan covered instrumentality being present. This repair action will beryllium disposable done some walk-in aliases mail-in repair.

Additionally, effective connected your May billing cycle, nan monthly costs of Samsung Care+ pinch Theft and Loss and Samsung Care+ will summation $2.

These changes will only effect nan work statement information of your Samsung Care+ Theft and Loss aliases Samsung Care+ product. There is nary action required connected your part, however, you whitethorn cancel your sum astatine immoderate clip without punishment by calling 866-371-9501. Payment of nan monthly complaint connected your first billing rhythm connected aliases aft May 1 2024 will service arsenic confirmation that you judge these changes and that you wish to continue.

Samsung strives to continually heighten its Care+ products pinch valuable benefits to thief amended protect your Galaxy life enabling you to usage your instrumentality pinch confidence. Please beryllium connected nan lookout for early enhancements.

If you person immoderate questions regarding these changes, please mention to nan revised Terms & Conditions aliases interaction Samsung Care+ straight astatine 1-866-371-9501

Best Regards, Team Samsung Care+

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