The good, the bad, and the Humane Pin

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On The Vergecast: nan authorities and early of AI gadgets, Taylor Swift’s TikTok return, and statement speakers everywhere.

By David Pierce, editor-at-large and Vergecast co-host pinch complete a decade of acquisition covering user tech. Previously, astatine Protocol, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

Apr 12, 2024, 1:26 PM UTC

An illustration of nan Humane AI Pin complete a Vergecast screenshot.

Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

Seven. Hundred. Dollars. After a twelvemonth of asking questions astir this much-hyped AI wearable, nan Humane AI Pin is here, and, well, we still person tons of questions. We’re besides still trying to fig retired really it each useful — and wherever it goes from here.

On this section of The Vergecast, we dive heavy into our reappraisal of nan AI Pin and effort to fig retired what went incorrect pinch this instrumentality and whether there’s a existent early for it aliases immoderate different AI-powered gadget. The trouble, we discover, is that these devices are stacking caller exertion connected apical of caller technology, and until it each useful perfectly, nary of it will activity very well. Also, did we mention nan AI Pin is seven 100 dollars?

After that, we talk astir nan increasing rift betwixt OpenAI and nan remainder of nan net aft immoderate very bully reporting showed really galore millions of YouTube videos nan institution transcribed and utilized to train its models. We besides talk astir really Taylor Swift’s euphony came backmost to TikTok and whether location mightiness beryllium much to come.

Finally, we get a remarkably on-brand group of news successful nan lightning round, including E Ink screens, contented regulation, and photograph sharing. Sony besides made a caller statement speaker, truthful of course, we walk an unreasonably agelong clip connected nan statement speaker. You person to look astatine those photos.

If you want to cognize much astir everything we talk successful this episode, present are a fewer links to get you started, opening pinch Humane:

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