The Sonos Arc is on sale for 20 percent off just in time for the Super Bowl

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To nan delight of Swifties and nan chagrin of her detractors, nan 2024 Super Bowl will characteristic nan Kansas City Chiefs and nan San Francisco 49ers. We’re anticipating record-high camera cuts to nan rich | seats whenever Taylor Swift’s beau (Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce) makes a large play, truthful why not hole pinch an arsenic large location theatre upgrade?

Regardless of wherever you look, you’re bound to find a awesome TV woody starring up to nan large crippled connected February 11th, but Sonos is simply a bully spot to commencement if it’s booming audio you’re after. The institution is moving a promo done February 11th that saves you 20 percent connected nan Sonos Arc, bringing nan soundbar down to $719 ($180 off) astatine Sonos, Best Buy, and B&H Photo for a constricted time. The Arc offers a melodramatic upgrade complete your TV’s built-in speakers connected its own, but if you really want to return it complete nan top, you tin besides brace it pinch nan Sonos Sub, which is presently connected waste for $639 ($160 off) astatine Sonos, Best Buy, and B&H Photo.

A item changeable of nan beforehand of nan Sonos Arc, showing nan Sonos logo and galore perforated holes successful nan outer casing.A item changeable of nan beforehand of nan Sonos Arc, showing nan Sonos logo and galore perforated holes successful nan outer casing.

The Sonos Arc is nan company’s flagship soundbar, offering a plethora of drivers, including upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. This soundbar provides immersive, powerful sound, whether you’re watching movies aliases enjoying music.

Sonos’ premium subwoofer tin adhd a caller level of extent and powerful bass consequence to your location theatre setup. It’s compatible pinch each Sonos soundbars and galore speakers, including nan Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, and Sonos Era 300.

The Arc is Sonos’ astir premium soundbar. It pushes retired impressive, enveloping audio pinch nan thief of 8 woofers and 3 tweeters, including 2 upward-firing speakers that are designed to make nan astir of Dolby Atmos. There’s nary shortage of options for controlling it, either. In summation to nan touch-sensitive buttons, nan soundbar features support for some Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and you tin inquire Siri to beam sound straight from Apple devices via AirPlay 2.

The Sonos Arc lacks HDMI passthrough, truthful it’s amended paired pinch a newer TV base an HDMI eARC larboard that tin reliably nonstop video and Atmos signals complete nan aforesaid cable. Chances are you already person 1 if you’ve bought a TV wrong nan past fewer years — aft all, acold much TVs connection said characteristic than erstwhile we first reviewed nan Arc successful 2020. (If you’re overdue for an upgrade, you tin moreover find suitable models for nether $500.)

Sonos SUB

The third-gen Sonos Sub adds much bass and pairs perfectly pinch nan Arc.

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Pairing nan soundbar pinch a Sonos Sub further elevates nan experience, moreover if nan third-gen Sub doesn’t reinvent nan wheel. It pairs wirelessly pinch nan Arc to present low-end sounds and wall-rattling bass, nan benignant that will surely annoy housemates aliases flat neighbors if you’re not careful. The uniquely level creation of nan Sub intends you tin much easy hide it nether a portion of furnishings if needed, too, aliases position it upright.

As usual, those who already ain Sonos speakers will use nan most, arsenic nan Arc and Sub tin sync pinch others successful nan ecosystem. You tin adhd 2 Era 100s arsenic rear situation speakers, for example, and they’ll activity successful tandem pinch immoderate different Sonos speakers you person for painless whole-home audio. All in, it’s a versatile kit that’s conscionable arsenic bully for servicing large location parties pinch euphony arsenic it is for a cozy nighttime of Netflix and chill.

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