The world needs more gadgets like LG’s briefcase TV

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LG’s StanbyME Go is easy nan astir Inspector Gadget point I’ve ever reviewed. It’s a 27-inch touchscreen TV that’s built into (and protected by) a ample military-grade briefcase — complete pinch an integrated sound system, HDMI connectivity, and nan aforesaid webOS package that runs connected nan company’s regular TVs.

Theoretically, you tin bring it anywhere, but astatine 28 pounds, nan StanbyME Go is acold from a ray load, and it’s a agelong to telephone it very portable. Road trips are nary issue, but I ne'er sewage bold capable to bring this point connected a flight. For one, I didn’t want to woody pinch TSA scrutiny complete this gadget that looks for illustration a Mission Impossible prop. But nan briefcase is excessively wide to fulfill nan carry-on requirements astatine astir airlines, regardless.

But it’s… it’s unsocial arsenic hell. And that’s what has resonated pinch maine complete these past mates months of testing nan terribly-named StanbyME Go. You tin return this briefcase TV tailgating; you tin bring it camping; if you’re walking somewhere, it tin beryllium a mobile intermezo and gaming solution for yourself aliases nan kids. I’ve had friends opportunity they’d beryllium unfastened to utilizing thing for illustration this successful lieu of a projector successful rooms wherever a imperishable TV mightiness beryllium unwelcome. When it comes clip to assistance it up, that excitement often dampens.

Aside from its heft, nan biggest point going against nan StanbyME Go is nan $1,200 that LG is asking for what, astatine nan extremity of nan day, is simply a beautiful unremarkable 27-inch LCD panel. It’s a 1080p surface pinch so-so viewing angles and a highest brightness of 500 nits. That’s much than good for indoor viewing, and I’ve besides recovered it capable for astir outdoor usage truthful agelong arsenic you’re not successful nonstop sunlight. (The display’s anti-reflective coating helps retired present large time.) But if you’re judging this point by show specs alone, paying $1,200 for it would beryllium lunacy. I would spell chaotic for a 4K OLED type of nan StanbyME Go, though that would apt rocket its value up into $2,000 territory. The nicheness of this merchandise is inherently portion of why it’s much costly than galore would prefer.

A photograph of LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV being viewed connected an flat building rooftop pinch an section of The Daily Show connected nan screen.

The display’s highest brightness of 500 nits is good successful nan shadiness aliases connected a cloudy day.

The claimed Dolby Vision HDR support is laughable, considering this display’s constricted brightness. The aforesaid goes for nan four-channel “Dolby Atmos” speaker system, though I was amazed by its fullness since nan audio is coming from drivers unconventionally built into 1 broadside of a briefcase. And contempt nan truth that nan speakers are positioned behind nan surface erstwhile it’s raised, nan sound remains clear. Just don’t expect overmuch successful nan measurement of immersion aliases situation trickery here. If you request much impactful sound erstwhile tailgating, you tin ever brace up a ample Bluetooth speaker.

A photograph of a man holding LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

At almost 30 pounds, nan StanbyME Go tin beryllium a chore to lug around.

To spot immoderate worth successful nan StanbyME Go, you’ve sewage to try and admit nan sum of its parts. That mean surface is attached to a very sturdy articulating limb that lets nan show beryllium utilized successful 3 different ways. It tin laic level for touchscreen games for illustration chess aliases erstwhile playing euphony connected nan speakers from your phone. Pull nan surface up and you tin position it successful either scenery aliases image orientations; nan second tin beryllium useful if you want to reflector your telephone and scroll done your TikTok provender — aliases possibly springiness a position connected nan road. I seldom bothered pinch vertical mode, but nan versatility is nice.

A photograph of a mates laying successful furniture watching LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

It tin spell fundamentally wherever you want.

A photograph of LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV being viewed successful furniture by a mates somewhat retired of framework to nan right.

The 27-inch surface is constricted to 1080p solution and lacks section dimming.

The StanbyME Go is smart capable to automatically move disconnected its show and powerfulness down whenever nan briefcase is latched. The difficult outer ammunition is plentifulness reliable — LG claims it has passed 11 different durability tests — and while I ne'er intentionally tried to put LG’s reappraisal portion done my ain torture test, it surely took a fewer bumps during my weeks of testing and moreover had a insignificant autumn while nan lawsuit was unfastened pinch nan surface up. It survived each that pinch nary issues. But nan ruggedness only goes truthful far; nan StanbyME Go doesn’t connection immoderate h2o resistance, truthful beryllium observant if you’ll beryllium utilizing it poolside aliases adjacent a reservoir erstwhile camping. That’s a large differentiator betwixt this, a TV that tin beryllium utilized outdoors, and existent “outdoor TVs” that tin withstand nan elements and get agleam capable to combat nan sun — for overmuch much money than nan StanbyME Go.

A photograph of LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV being utilized alongside a Nintendo Switch OLED gaming console.

The StanbyME Go makes for a nosy walking crippled position — and you get LG’s emblematic debased input lag.

There’s a dedicated cradle for nan distant wrong nan case, and if you popular that off, there’s a conception underneath for storing nan powerfulness cablegram whenever you don’t request it. The powerfulness input is covered by a protective flap, and there’s different that guards nan HDMI/eARC port, USB-A larboard (for media connected outer drives) and a move that tin move disconnected nan artillery to sphere juice erstwhile you won’t beryllium utilizing nan TV for a while. LG says nan StanbyME Go will mean astir 3 hours of artillery life. In my experience, you tin eke retired an other hr if you activate webOS’s energy-saving features, but those usually travel astatine nan disbursal of brightness, which isn’t awesome to statesman with.  

A photograph of a mates playing touchscreen chess connected LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

There are immoderate preloaded games that return advantage of nan touchscreen.

A photograph of a mates playing a Photo Hunt-like crippled connected LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

Can your OLED TV do barroom games this well?

Actually using this briefcase TV feels akin to immoderate of LG’s different models. All nan modular image and sound modes are present. But astir LG sets deficiency a touchscreen. Don’t person nan distant handy? You tin navigate astir with smartphone-like gestures: swipe up from nan bottommost of nan surface to spell location aliases swipe down for nan apical for speedy entree to brightness and measurement controls.

A closeup photograph of nan larboard layout connected LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

There’s a azygous HDMI port, positive a USB-A larboard that you tin plug media drives into.

LG includes a fistful of very elemental games for illustration nan aforementioned chess and barroom games for illustration photograph hunt. But nan novelty of those fades fast, truthful you’ll want to plug successful a console for nan existent thing. Of course, this intends you’ll request to supply power for immoderate HDMI devices you’re using, which tin get tricky connected nan spell and particularly outside. A portable powerfulness position would beryllium ace convenient successful these situations.

All nan celebrated streaming apps are accounted for successful LG’s store, but if you want to watch them from a compartment aliases shelter while camping, you’ll find yourself routinely tethering to your telephone for an net connection.

A photograph showing nan anti-glare surface and integrated speaker strategy connected LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

There’s a four-channel, 20-watt speaker strategy built into nan precocious half of nan briefcase.

A photograph showing LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV afloat closed and positioned adjacent to a couch.

The briefcase is ample but easy capable to stash distant erstwhile you don’t request it.

I’ve sewage a soft spot successful my bosom for weird gadgets, which thin to travel on seldom nowadays. Most large tech brands play their hands excessively safely and only merchandise products pinch mainstream appeal. From that viewpoint, I commend LG for doing thing not conscionable a little different but truthful acold disconnected nan beaten path. If nan StanbyME Go costs a fewer 100 dollars less, I’d beryllium capable to urge it for reasons beyond nan characteristic factor. It’s weighty but thoughtfully designed. It’s 1 of those attention-grabbing devices that group will inquire questions astir whenever they spot you utilizing it.

A photograph of a man leaning complete connected a sofa and utilizing LG’s StanbyME Go briefcase TV.

More weird gadgets for illustration this, please.

But nan TV that’s packed into this briefcase is simply mean — and little truthful erstwhile you see nan price. My dream is that nan StanbyME Go won’t beryllium truthful niche that LG ne'er gives it a 2nd attempt. Because this first effort is unsocial and often conscionable plain fun. But astatine $1,200, nan elemental reality is that astir group are amended disconnected pinch a much accepted tablet aliases portable show until LG nails nan correct look (and price).

Agree to Continue: LG StanbyME Go

Every smart instrumentality now requires you to work together to a bid of position and conditions earlier you tin usage it — contracts that nary 1 really reads. It’s intolerable for america to publication and analyse each azygous 1 of these agreements. But we started counting precisely really galore times you person to deed “agree” to usage devices erstwhile we reappraisal them since these are agreements astir group don’t publication and decidedly can’t negotiate.

By mounting up nan LG StanbyME Go, you’re agreeing to 2 mandatory agreements:

It’s technically imaginable to bypass these agreements, but doing truthful will disable you from being capable to instal apps and updates via LG’s webOS store.

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There are besides optional permissions you tin grant, including nan Viewing Information agreement, which allows LG to cod info astir really you interact pinch nan StanbyME Go. Another optional 1 is nan Interest-Based & Cross-Device Advertising statement that allows LG to tailor apps, services, and different contented to your interests arsenic good arsenic usage that info to customize what you spot connected different devices.

Final tally: 2 mandatory agreements and 2 optional agreements.

Photography by Chris Welch / The Verge

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