What Exactly Are Time-of-Use Rates?

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As nan power manufacture continues to evolve, powerfulness companies are progressively offering new complaint plans that amended align nan costs you salary for nan energy you usage astatine location pinch nan costs to make that electricity.

EnergySage explains that your powerfulness company’s “cost of energy changes passim nan time for various reasons. Traditionally, arsenic request for energy increases passim nan day, truthful excessively does nan costs of generating that electricity" – hence nan improvement of time-varying rates.

While location are respective types of time-varying rates, specified arsenic real-time pricing aliases captious highest pricing, nan time-of-use (TOU) complaint has go nan astir salient successful caller years, and galore powerfulness companies crossed nan state now connection this arsenic either an action for their customers aliases arsenic nan modular rate.

In this month’s blog, we look astatine what time-of-use rates mean for you:

1. The prices tin alteration by 3 times per time aliases more.

If you person a accepted fixed rate, you salary nan aforesaid value per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy sloppy of erstwhile it’s utilized (though location tin beryllium different prices for wintertime vs. summer). But pinch a TOU rate, nan time is usually divided into 2 aliases 3 periods (for example, on-peak, off-peak and ace off-peak), and you salary a different value per kWh during each.

For example, Tucson Electric Power’s Time-of-Use plan has on-peak hours from 3-7 p.m. during nan summertime and each different hours are considered off-peak (including weekends and holidays). If you’re connected this plan, you would salary 19 cents per kWh hr during highest hours and 12 cents off-peak. This illustration is simply a reasonably elemental TOU plan, and others tin person much 3 aliases 4 different periods and person bigger gaps successful nan value per kWh that you pay.

2. There whitethorn beryllium seasonal differences successful nan highest periods.

Usually, powerfulness companies will person different electrical rates for 2 different times of nan year: wintertime (roughly October-May) and summertime (June-September). Since nan energy needs of a organization are different depending connected nan weather, it makes consciousness that nan rates travel suite. This is nan lawsuit for some accepted fixed rates and time-varying rates for illustration TOU.

For example, SMECO’s Time-of-Use rate has different highest periods and prices per kWh depending connected nan season. In nan summer, nan highest play is 2-7 p.m. erstwhile AC usage is precocious astatine homes and businesses. However, during acold upwind months, you want to debar utilizing energy during nan greeting (6-9 a.m.) and evening (5-8 p.m.) – times erstwhile households thin to usage a batch of power – to save.

3. They tin beryllium fantabulous for charging electrical vehicles.

Finally, time-of-use rates tin beryllium very economical if anyone successful your family drives an electrical conveyance (EV) and charges it astatine home. The debased off-peak and ace off-peak prices let you to complaint up (usually overnight) at relatively small cost, and galore powerfulness companies moreover connection a time-of-use complaint specifically for EVs pinch moreover amended incentives for charging disconnected peak.

For example, Cobb EMC’s NiteFlex® rate is simply a time-of-use complaint pinch on-peak hours from 1-7 p.m., off-peak periods successful nan greeting and evening, and a ace off-peak play from midnight to 6 a.m. However, to incentivize customers to complaint their EVs overnight, nan scheme allows customers 400 kWh of free energy during nan ace off-peak play each period – perchance capable to ever person free overnight charging astatine home.

Time-of-use rates whitethorn not beryllium for everyone – if you’re incapable to displacement your usage distant from nan on-peak hours, you could extremity up paying much connected your monthly bills. But galore customers, particularly those that thrust EVs aliases that person smart location devices to automate energy usage, tin spot noticeable bills savings. The bully news is that moreover if a TOU complaint isn’t for you, you apt person immoderate different complaint scheme options. Contact your powerfulness institution coming and spot what mightiness activity champion pinch your usage, habits and home.

To study much astir communal complaint scheme options, cheque retired our infographic here.

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